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TT: where in Calif if I have performance but no knowledge?

FlorianFlorian Posts: 42
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I've been riding in a TT way on the road for a few years now and I start to realize that my performances become very good.
I ride at about 50Km/h average on flat without wind for about 30min. That's with a $1,500 bike that is not originally TT (just added aero bars) and with a light back bag.
Problem is: I know strictly nothing about the world of cycling, I just ride.

I couldn't even name you a single name besides Lance Armstrong... that's how little I know about it.
I'm in L.A. and I tried to ride with some people met here and there during my rides who seemed fast , but I always end up getting bored because I did not find anyone as fast or faster who could lift me up.
So I want to find some cyclists who really ride VERY fast and also some TT events around L.A. opened to anyone to participate so I can finally see what I can do with that.

NOTE: I would not do any Triathlon because I'm a terrible runner and swimmer, I'm extremely athletic but the only thing I do fast is riding.
Also I would not do any 2h ride e.g., I'm a little too heavy for this. What I need is really time trial.

Thanks a lot!


  • sungodsungod Posts: 14,041
    best bet is see if there are any clubs near you with active tt riders...
    my bike - faster than god's and twice as shiny
  • fenixfenix Posts: 5,437
    Yes - just google your location and 'cycling club'.

    Not every cycling club rides TT's - so ask about that and you'll get directed in the right way. 50kmh is probably a bit too good ? You should be a pro with speeds like that ?

    Good luck with it.

    Oh - check out strava - that'll show you how you match up against a lot of fast cyclists.
  • FlorianFlorian Posts: 42
    Thank you so much guys :)
    Excellent link, actually "Helen" cycles is a name I heard around here, so I'll check it out!
    I fell pretty badly a few weeks ago (the chain broke, so all the energy you put on the pedal is suddenly used to bring your down... anyway) so I just need to get back in shape and I'm sure I'll find a team with all these listed, great keywords!
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