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Pinarello FP3 2009 headset bearing identification?

pilot_petepilot_pete Posts: 2,108
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Hi there

Can anyone point me in the right direction for identifying the exact bearings in a Pinarello FP3 2009 headset? I ask because they ar getting a little rough and I would like to replace them at a bearing shop for a significant sum less than through a Pinarello dealer. All I need to do is identify them exactly, but can't find anything on t'inteweb....




  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    pull them out and read the number on them.

    pull them out and measure and then compare with the headset info on Parktools.

    or wait till a Pinarello owner pops in here.

    Will edit the heading for you to make it more possible.
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  • I am having the same issue. Last night I was able to remove the bottom bearing on my F4 13 headset, I can see the numbers on the black seal but was not able to read them, have to get a magnifying glass (age). Now, I was able to search and find replacement bearings from Competitive Cyclist for $25 each. Still expense, but I doubt we will be able to find generic bearings. Last month I played around with my wife's bike, a Trek, and the headset bearing is a Cane Creek and it is only availed form them, granted that it is tapered and the Pinarello is not. I was able to find the 6000z bearings for her DT Swiss hubs at a much better price then LBS.
    Today I will try again to read the numbers on the seal, and take the measurements of the bearing and post is here, if you find a cheaper alternative let me know.
    BTW, it is a pain to take the bearing out.
  • Good news, first I was able to get the numbers from the bearing, 61806RS, I Googled it and found it to be a 30x42x7 ABEC bearing. My measurement with my caliper was 2990x4195 I would say that was close enough. Another food news, it's the same bearing FSA uses for its BB30, yes I also though it was strange. A quick look and you can find many suppliers, from USD 29 for the FSA one, to USD 6 for a generic one.
    Mine was rough, was I did was to take out the seal, Clean it with WD40, dry it and put new lithium grease and close it back. It is much better, I will still order new ones to replace them in the future.
    Funny that I have a 2001 Prince and never ever had a problem with its headset bearing, I check and grease every year and it is just smooth. I still consider the best bike, even though it is a little heavy by today's standards.
  • I'm also having trouble with my 2010 fp3 headset. After about 8000 miles my bearings needed to be replaced, which took about 3 weeks for my LBS to obtain. Now after another 2500 miles or so I can feel them getting nasty already. I'm curious if anyone has tried to use any other integrated headset such as Chris King. I would like to find an option that doesn't have me running back to the shop once (or more) per year.
  • Hi I resorted to removing and measuring my headset bearings

    Bike 2015 Dogma K Tapered fork 1 1/8" to 1.5"

    Bottom bearing: 52 OD, 40 ID, 7 H 7mm 45 degree 45 degree

    Top bearing standard 11/8" 45 degree angular contact bearing h= 8mm

    Pinarello want £75 for a set incl the angled spacers, just sourced a bearing set (no spacers - they don't wear appreciably) for £16 delivered ... 7675.l2563
  • Apologies if this info isn't useful and if my post is clumsy: Just joined the forum as I struggled to find the correct headset bearings for my Dogma 65.1. I was unhappy with the life of the factory fitted items. Took them out and found the bottom bearing to be a single seal, non-stainless type which had corroded completely within a year. Didn't want to spend £65-£85 on a Pinarello set for a repeat performance.

    Eventually found a great firm that confirmed the sizes and sent me the right bearings with a no quibble return if not happy. Contact Simon Davison at Edge Sports UK.

    Bottom bearing is
    Stainless Steel Headset Bearing - 1.5" | MH-P16S | OD:52xID:40xH:7xA:45°
    Note this is a double seal bearing with the inner ball race a part of the assembly so you won't need the tapered bearing washer that's in the Dogma factory fit.

    Upper bearing is
    Headset Bearing - 11/8" | IS42/28.6 | OD:41.8 x ID:30.1 x H:8 x A:45°
    SKU: HB141

    Total cost £19.98 including postage for stainless steel (lower - upper not available in SS), double sealed bearings. Both old bearings came out with minimal effort and the new ones slipped in without the need for any tools.

    Hope this helps.
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