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Trek 1.5 Warranty Help - Cracked Frame

zero760zero760 Posts: 3
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Bought a Trek 1.5 off of Craigslist. 62cm. Didn't ask the seller for original receipt and the frame cracked
recently. Went to Trek and they said no problem do you have original receipt. I told them no but I called
another shop and they said the same but if you can bring in a receipt or ask original seller to come down
with you no problem. I don't know where the original seller is but I really like the bike. I contacted Trek
to see what year the bike is from the serial #. Any ideas on how to find someone who has bought this
bike? Anyone that might be willing to give me their receipt or join me on a field trip? Does Trek keep
record of original owner at purchase? Long shot but any help appreciated.

Outside of the crack the bike is in perfect condition. Just had cables, tape and tuneup done. Rides


  • StillGoingStillGoing Posts: 5,207
    Woah! So you bought a bike from someone with no paperwork and then to make it worse, you don't even know where they live? Over here in the UK, that would be setting off alarm bells at a rapid rate as potentially stolen, irrespective of whether it was bought at a realistic value. Now to make it worse, you want someone to fraudulently produce their receipt (that in all probability has the seriel number of their bike on it making the fraud easily detectable) so you can get this potentially dodgy frame repaired? Good luck with that. Personally, i'd be steering well clear. Contact the Trek distributor and ask them to track the frame number.
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  • Just to be clear. I bought the bike off of Craigslist. I went to the sellers house and test rode the bike.
    The seller was by no means dodgy and there isn't any fraud involved or implied. The reality is I contacted
    the local Trek store and they told me if I could find the person I bought the bike from or someone who bought the same bike they wouldn't have any problem replacing the frame. This was their "quote" not mine. When Trek told me that over the phone I posted this to the Forum. If I'd asked for the original receipt from the original seller who I bought it from 5 years ago they would have honored their warranty. Not sure how things are done in the UK but I have the serial number and contacted Trek directly and I registered the bike with them. Not sure who would do that if they were trying something dodgy.

    Oh yeah and I just found the same bike on Craigslist bought it again and hope to get another 5 years
    out of that bike. Again no receipt but when I bought the original bike I had no idea Trek had a frame
    warranty until I brought the bike in for what I thought was routine maintenance and the bike shop
    mechanic told me there was a warranty.

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