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unscrew FSA BB30 Hollow carbon

dagarnothmaxdagarnothmax Posts: 3
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So I bought a bb30 cannondale si stages power meter from a guy online, but with my confusion i thought he was sending the whole crankset, but ended up just being the left crank and chain rings. I can't use the chainrings but im pretty sure that the stages cannondale arm will fit on my FSA spindle with probably a few spacers. I need help with getting my fsa hollowgram left crank off the spindle but the thing is impossible, I turn it to loosen and it goes loose but ends up tighting again, i've read that you should keep going till it loosens again, is this true or do I need a fancy tool, i've used a massive wrench to try get enough leverage but it never loosens again? cheers btw im running a Tarmac expert 2015 with bb30


  • Update.
    I got the Left crank arm off and i've put the stages on, there is about a 5mm gap, do i need to go get some bb spacers?
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