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ROTOR BS30 With Riken BB30

mrwibblemrwibble Posts: 980
edited August 2015 in Workshop
just some advice on the spacer configuration wavy washer etc. Seems to be how many nylon washers each side and which side should I place the wavy washer?


  • jgsijgsi Posts: 5,038
    Wavy washer on the side which you tighten.. be that NDS or DS.
    Nylon spacers may or may not be required.. but that wavy washer needs to be compressed fully but not past the point where it is compressed but you are still able to tighten to the correct torque. Thats where a spacer comes into play.
  • mrwibblemrwibble Posts: 980
    Going to source 2.5 mm spacers and use one for each side with the wavy on the drive side.
  • mrwibblemrwibble Posts: 980
    IF the bottom bracket is supplied with a 2.5 shield like FSA or SRAM it would work. Rotor is supplied with just a rubber shield washer.
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