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Lumia 635 cycing apps

rob39rob39 Posts: 479
edited August 2015 in Training, fitness and health
Hi all
Just received a new lumia 635 but cycling apps seem to be thin on the ground. Used Strava and Garmin apps in the past. Anyone know a good equivalent for the lumia


  • fwgxfwgx Posts: 114
    There's an app called Striver that's pretty good. You can record rides using it and it links to your Strava account so you can see your and other's activities.
  • DeEmBeDeEmBe Posts: 31
    Endomomdo is a decent enough app, similar to Strava in a lot of ways but doesn't have the segments I don't think.
  • andyrrandyrr Posts: 1,501
    I've a 625 and have Sportstracker.
    Seems pretty good - as with most (all ?) GPS tracking apps it does drain the batteries a bit but I quite like it.
    Don't do as much cycling now, more running due to time constraints and I've a Polar GPS HR watch which lasts for a long time but Sportstracker app and accompanying website have been pretty decent for my own requirements.
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