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Post-holiday blues

No, I don't mean because I'm back at work - in fact, I was kinda chomping at the bit to return so I could get on the bike again (2x13 mile commutes daily, often extended on the way back). But I've been off the bike for two weeks and really struggled first day back yesterday - was on the MTB due to weather and my ave HR was up 18bpm from the last recorded equivalent journey, and 15bpm on way home. Back on the road today and it felt a bit better (bpm up by 'just' 10) but - just like yesterday - didn't get any Strava medals at all which speaks volumes. Am probably about 10% off my recently set PB times, I'd say.

Is such a rapid relapse normal? Can't remember it happening before, and I didn't eat or drink TOO excessively while I was away, and did a decent amount of walking too. Maybe put a pound or so on...

Or, given those drops of 3 and 5bpm per ride, should I expect to be back to normal in 2-3 rides? Must admit I'd be really surprised if that happens...
Job: Job, n,. A frustratingly long period of time separating two shorter than usual training rides


  • As nobody knows your fitness - have you tried riding on feel?
    I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles
  • Yeah, in general, I'm what most would call 'fit' - though there's still at least four or five pounds I could shed. As for feel, that's basically how I ride my commutes every single day - I just push as hard as I can and what I know I can sustain. Somehow I just never seem to get around to doing HR training...
    Job: Job, n,. A frustratingly long period of time separating two shorter than usual training rides
  • andyebandyeb Posts: 407
    I've noticed that even following tapering for an event, my HR goes up much more easily than normal early on the day of the event, but then settles down as the day goes on. It's almost like returning to exercise following a period of rest is a bit of a shock to the system.

    I'm sure you will get your form back quickly and will then make quick gains, due to being better rested.
  • Well, pleased to say that after 3.5 days of commuting, things are very quickly almost back to normal. HR just a couple of beats up from previously, and today's time, at 40 sec off PB, pretty respectable and would have been easily put down to a less favourable wind if it had happened any other week.

    But it struck me the other day that there are two factors that may have contributed to the sudden dramatic loss of form - at the risk of starting off a whole new debate...

    About 4-6 weeks ago, not only did I start drinking beetroot juice (from a carton,not the concentrated shots, so approx just 200ml/day) I also decided to bite the bullet and buy a PowerBreathe. I know a lot are sceptical about these, and I'm not convinced either way just yet, but all of a sudden my PBs were falling like skittles, most notably on one day when I knocked 50 sec off what was a c36min PB, two days later I knocked another 50 secs off.
    Even when the winds aren't so favourable I'm still setting times that would've needed tailwinds to achieve not too long ago.

    So anyway, whether or not you have faith in those two training aids, all I can say is I forgot to take the PowerBreathe with me, and didn't come remotely close to anything beetrooty while I was away. Now I'm back, and back to the old routine, things are almost back to normal...
    Job: Job, n,. A frustratingly long period of time separating two shorter than usual training rides
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