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Just had a crash, need new wheels.

RoweyrhoRoweyrho Posts: 15
edited July 2015 in Road buying advice
Hit a curb at about 20mph head on yesterday trying to swerve and avoid a car that had decided that he no longer liked giving way to the right side, no damage done other than i blew out my back wheel completely and dented the rim. Quite bad.

It's a Fulcrum CEX 7.0 which are standard on my Focus Cayo, I was just wondering what wheels I should be looking to go for? I've not got much money, in fact Im still paying off the bike itself in installments!

After a bit of looking around I found some Campagnolo Zonda's on wiggle for a reasonable price, opinions?

Also, just like to ask. Would it be worth trying straighten out the dent and using my Fulcrums for my winter bike? (Carerra Zelos) However, I know it could be complicated as its currently a threaded not splined. It's also 7, or 8 speed.

Thanks all!


  • ugo.santaluciaugo.santalucia Posts: 26,869
    The question should be: can I fix the existing wheel or I need a new one?

    It might well be fixable to within reasonable tolerance, as well as it might not...
  • RoweyrhoRoweyrho Posts: 15
    LBS said it was [email protected]#"%ed, so I'm assuming I should take their advice and just get a new set? I mean I was actually going to upgrade the wheels eventually down the line because compared to the spec of the bike they aren't comparable.
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