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Would banning radios on GTs work?

imatfaalimatfaal Posts: 2,716
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I have really enjoyed the TdF so far and I liked the Giro too - but there has been a lot of criticism of the stifling tactics of Team Sky in the tour. I don't really think all this grief is justified - but if it is and if we must change in order to avoid GTs become a procession is it worth removing the team radios? Lower level stage races don't allow radio communication and there is an element of instinctive bikemanship that is sometimes lacking in the GTs.

A bit of confusion, a greater scope for personal maverick brilliance, the need for wise road-captains, a possibility of subterfuge, national alliances, and timegaps being snatched in the mayhem...


  • dinyulldinyull Posts: 2,962
    It's pretty simple really, ban egotistical Russian Oligarchs.

    Froome's biggest rival was made to ride the Giro/Tour double because of Oleg. Oleg also spent 4m euros on Sagan when he could have used it to build a team as strong as sky's.

    But really, it's up to the other teams to catch up to Sky and their marginal gains. Perhaps I'm just a cycinc, but some teams don't seem as strong as they should since the introduction of night time drug testing.

    The radios have made no difference to the pointy end of the race as they haven't and won't allow anyone down the road who is a risk.
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