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Currently running 3x9, toying with buying a 2x10 set up

thisismatthisismat Posts: 26
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Afternoon all,

Looking for a bit of advice, i've currently got a 3x9 set up on my Trek Xcal 7, i've been toying with the idea of buying a 2x10 set up just looking about i've

Shimano Deore M615 HollowTech II Double Chainset (Wiggle)

Shimano BB52 Deore Hollowtech2 Bottom Bracket (Merlin)

Shimano SLX M670 10 Speed Rapidfire Shifters Pair (Wiggle)

Shimano M670 SLX 10 Speed Rear Mech (Merlin)

Shimano XT M785 Top Swing 2x10 Front Mech (CRC)

Shimano SLX HG81 10 Speed Cassette (Merlin)

KMC X10-73 10 Speed Chain (CRC)

Would this set up work? its not a bad price all in (I don't think anyway) but how much difference would I see from this as apposed to my lower end 3x9 with Acera, Alivio Components?

Thanks for your help :)


  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,748
    The chainset will come with a BB.

    Why not just go 2x9? Or is your nine speed stuff worn out?

    The kit will be usefully lighter and the shifters will feel a lot nicer than your lower level stuff.
  • thisismatthisismat Posts: 26
    I was looking at 2x9 but the price difference isn't massive between that and 2x10 really, also got an old diamondback laying around with a worn drivetrain so the 3x9 would be going on that so no wasting :D
  • swod1swod1 Posts: 1,639
    you will definitely see a difference in shifting by moving to slx kit.

    I went from alivio shifters to xt and the difference was huge.

    As you wont need to buy a bb, this does come with the chainset unless stated you could spend the extra and get a xt rear shadow plus mech?
  • thisismatthisismat Posts: 26
    I was looking into shadow+ but trying to keep costs down and the SLX rear mech is on offer for £19.99 which I thought was a cracking deal!
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,748
    If fitting new anyway, then yes you may as well change to 10 speed, often it is cheaper than 9 speed stuff (new) now.

    SLX is good kit, almost as good as XT mostly just a small weight penalty.

    Not as much point in a + mech unless going single ring at the front.
  • thisismatthisismat Posts: 26
    With the clutch mechs are they just primarily for keeping chain retention and reducing chain slap?
  • JBAJBA Posts: 2,796
    How much does that lot come do buying individually?

    Rubble are doing the SLX 10-speed transmission set for £180.

    EDIT: Some of the components are now showing as out of stock! May be worth calling and asking when new stock is expected?
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  • thisismatthisismat Posts: 26
    Ooh that's a hell of a deal, the one I specced comes in around £162 which for the whole lot I didn't think was bad, saying that I've included the BB price in there so more like £150 :)

    EDIT: just saw on the website you suggested they have the deore double group set:

    Shimano Deore 610/615 10 Speed Transmission Groupset
    Shimano 10 Speed HG62 (Deore) Cassette 11-34
    Shimano 10 Speed HG54 Deore HGX Chain
    Shimano Deore M615 10Spd Double Cset Including Bottom Bracket 175 26/38
    Front Gear
    Shimano Deore M616 10Spd Double Front Gear Conventional DP
    Rear Gear
    Shimano Deore M610 10Spd Shadow Rear Gear SGS Top Normal
    Gearshifter Sti/Ergo
    Shimano Deore M610 10Spd Rapidfire Pods (pair)
    Total Price: £145.99

    Which also seems like a good deal :O
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,748
    With the clutch mechs are they just primarily for keeping chain retention and reducing chain slap?
    Yes, they stop the chainline deforming over its own weight by acting as a damper to the rear mechs tensioning spring, so resisting faster changes in cage movement, on a multi ring bike they reduce chain slap only as you shouldn't have a retention issue anyway.
  • thisismatthisismat Posts: 26
    Ah okay, in terms of mech size for 2x10 would a long cage be fine or should I be aiming for mid cage?
  • Chunkers1980Chunkers1980 Posts: 8,035
    It depends on your setup. big minus small front, plus big minus small back and check what the mech can do capacity wise from the tech spec.
  • Chunkers1980Chunkers1980 Posts: 8,035
    And looking at the specs of the above, your capacity needed is 12+23 = 25 so from memory that's cusping sizes.
  • thisismatthisismat Posts: 26
    Okay think I've got it down to a good price, here's the spec list I'm thinking -

    Deore 2x10 Crankset inc. BB £49.99 (Ribble)

    Shimano Deore M610 10Spd Rapidfire Pods £24.95 (Ribble)

    Shimano SLX M675 10 Spd Double Front Mech £15.95 (Ribble)

    Shimano SLX HG81 10 Speed Cassette & Shimano XT HG95 10 Speed HGX Chain Bundle £32.84 (Merlin)

    Shimano M670 SLX 10 Speed Rear Mech £19.99 (Merlin)

    Total £143.72
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