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Dealing with "Robust" Humour and Comments..

RutlandGavRutlandGav Posts: 144
Cycling is a sport so you're going to get competitive personalities on here, I get it. Also nobody wants a boring forum.

Honestly though, i feel the need to vent after reading the replies on one of my threads. Actually, the insults outnumber the constructive replies to posts I make generally, which I suppose means I should look closer to home. People making these "non-constructive" comments must be doing so because they'd like me to stop making those kind of posts.

The problem is none of my friends cycle, and I've got all this downtime between riding to think about cycling and want to bounce ideas off someone. The problem is, that having only returned to cycling four months ago, I'm not very fit yet or knowledgeable yet.

Alternatively, don't post here if you haven't got a thick skin. It's just that

a) the level of disrespect/ad hominem i've seen on here is greater than on the two MMO forums i've been a member of, and those things are supposed to be notorious

b) cycling is a healthy activity and people of all levels should be encouraged for doing their bit

So.... back to the "thread". I posted some update on it a week ago then didn't check back a while because I knew there was high likelihood of drawing more flak. Well, i checked back a couple hours ago and that is indeed what happened.

Mods, I really wish I could just delete my own thread. I dared to make the topic and it backfired, why have i got to have the humiliation immortalised . Besides, judging by the comments from several of the posters , that's what they want as well.

Right , i'm off out now to go and kick the dog*


  • ugo.santaluciaugo.santalucia Posts: 25,865
    did you report the comments with the appropriate function?

    I used to moderate the forum and very few people report negative comments... moderating is "reactive" rather than "proactive", so mods need a report in order to take action.
    Reporting is anonymous and the user who is reported doesn't know it and more importantly has no mean of knowing it is you... so do yourself a favour and report those comments you feel are inappropriate
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