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Rear dérailleur length?

robbohennrobbohenn Posts: 26
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I run Campag. compact triple set up. Chain rings 50/42/30 and cassette 13/26. My derailleur broke and I'm wondering if I need to get another long one or will I get away with a medium one. The difference in price is quite staggering, so if I can use medium how big cassette can I safely go to.
Thanks for your help.


  • mercia_manmercia_man Posts: 1,409
    I've used Campag mid length Veloce rear mech with 46/36/24 and 13-28 cassette. Worked fine although 36 ring and 28 cog was a bit of a stretch so not advisable to use 46 ring with the bigger cogs. I think I've also used the mech with 48/40/24 and same cassette. However, I now use a long cage Champ rear mech and it definitely is better.
  • keezxkeezx Posts: 1,318
    Medium derailleur will be fine with the correct chain length.
  • lesfirthlesfirth Posts: 1,227
    Someone will soon correct me if I am wrong but I think the max sprocket size is the same on all campag rear mechs. The difference is in chain wrap . I use a short veloce with 50,39,30 chain set and 12,29 cassette. Works fine, I never use small chain ring and small sprocket.
  • robbohennrobbohenn Posts: 26
    Thanks for your replies. I've done a fair bit of "googling" and it seems that if I steer clear of "big/big" and "small/small" it should be ok with a medium. As I try to avoid that anyway hopefully it'll be fine.
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