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Tubeless inflation advice

g00seg00se Posts: 2,221
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I'm trying to install Schwalbe One tubless tyres on tubeless ready Ryde Pulse Sprint rims. Stans valves and two strips of Stans tape.

I've gone through a few CO2 cartridges trying to inflate without sealant and get both beads in place. The plan was then to deflate, remove the valve core and fill with sealant before re-inflating.

However, one side would never seat properly.

i have also tried with a bit of sealant in and that will hold air and inflate. It'll keep 120PSI and the tyres looks OK. But when I deflate to put the remainder of the sealant in, one bead will pop back into the rim channel.

I've also tried using an inner tube to get the tyre to seat - but on deflating, the same bead pops back out.

Now the possibly important bit. It's antisymmetric offset rim for the rear. Could this mean the base of the bead bed is a bit narrower and so the bead isn't fixing properly?


If this is the case, and as long as I can get it to hold air, that should be OK?



  • term1teterm1te Posts: 1,462
    I've got Stan's 340 rims, and have never had a real problem fitting tubeless tyres. I do use the Easy fit fluid that came with some Ultremo tubeless tyres, just looks like a dilute washing up liquid solution. I use a track pump and they normally pop into place after a brief, but intense, pumping session. Which must get the neighbours wondering.

    When I deflate the tyre to add the sealant, it does pop out of the rim, but pops back when re-inflated. I'd recommend some of the Easy fit fluid, or just dilute washing up liquid to aid the seal during inflation. I'd use quite a lot, you can always wash any excess off.

    Good luck.
  • Argh, I suffered the same plight as you a while back trying to get a Spesh Ground Control to seat on an Arch Ex rim. Front Purgatory went in fine, but rear just kept popping off on one side. Tried tube to get shape, then inflated without tube with ghetto compressor. Tyre clicked in, but as soon as the core was removed to inject the gloop, it popped off one side.

    Solution was to stop trying to be clever lol! Rather than try the "clean", method of injecting gloop thru the valve, I just left one section of the unseated bead off, and tipped in a cpl of cups of gloop and carefully rotated it around a bit to allow me to put the bead back on the rim. Blast of air and it seated fine, and has remained so since.
  • g00seg00se Posts: 2,221
    Cheers - that's what I'll do. Hopefully the symmetrical front will be fine.
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