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Cheap skinsuits... ?

dilatorydilatory Posts: 565
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Wondering if anyone has recommendations for cheapish skinsuits? Will use them for crits so they will eventually meet the tarmac, as such I don't really want to fork out on anything too fancy, and only an hour in the saddle doesn't require the best pad in the world.


  • chrisw12chrisw12 Posts: 1,246 ... 7675.l2563

    I bought a short sleeved in a medium and the fit was great. Thought I'd take a punt on a long sleeved in a short for those special days and again nice quality but the arms this time were huge. I've got a nice set of 'guns' :oops: :wink: and the sleeves are baggy on me even on this down size! Makes me wonder if they were designed to fit a small hulk.

    Anyway don't see how you can go wrong for £40, cheaper than a pair of brand shorts.

    I'm in no way associated with the seller by the way.
  • IrishMacIrishMac Posts: 328
    Look at 's one.
    Cheap and hard wearing, I've an older version, 2/3 years old, has had a lot of use but still looks like new.
    The pad is to die for as well 8)

    Have a look at their Crono gloves too, top notch. Actually, just look at everything :lol:
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