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Rattling from Rear Wheel

CJL78CJL78 Posts: 2
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Hi There.

New to the forum and whilst I ride myself, I'm not the most technically competent.
I recently purchased a second hand Specialized Hotrock 24" for my 7yr daughter. On arrival of collecting, there were a couple of bits that looked not as good as expected (some surface rust on the brake noodles, a few more surface dints than expected), but it is second hand. Nothing really that costs much to replace.

Anyway, i'm sure when my daughter took it out when I got it home, there weren't any issues, and yesterday it was cleaned.
It now seems to have a rattle sound from the back (although I may have just not noticed it originally).
I've had a little look and the rear cassette is wobbling a little.
The rear wheel looks straight when turning though.
The rattle sound doesn't seem to increase or decrease as the bike increases or decreases in speed. The rattle sound is like some rice in a bottle.

Now I really don't have a clue. I have bought a second hand bike and really should have checked it out more when collecting (although I have those moments where I feel embarrassed to say anything).
So I have the bike which in essence is a good frame and has good components, but I want it running smoothly.

Does anyone have any ideas what this rattling could be?
Is it likely to be the cassette? Something to do with the wheel?
Or perhaps have we washed off something on the chain we shouldn't have when we cleaned it (although I have never really had any issues with my bikes doing this, although usually add, I think, something on to the chain afterwards (sorry, I just can't remember the name of it))?

Any advice is appreciated. Links to videos for remedies to try out is good too (i'm happy to get stuck in).

Thanks in advance.



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