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advice about buying a hybrid bike, please

jolantapjolantap Posts: 4
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I'm looking to buy a hybrid bike for a weekend use, both on and off roads, tarmacs and hills (ie Richmond park, if you are familiar). My research was narrowed down to giant escape 3 (ladies version), giant alight 2 or 3 and Ridgeback Velocity open frame. i even visited local bike shops to review these bikes individually prior making a decision. However, I also found the used Ridgeback momentum bike: ... e-ec025092

from the sept 11 edition and now discontinued. The bike has only been used few times and was stored in the garage, so it is in a very good condition and i could buy it for less than £200. However, I don't want to invest in old technology if the design has significantly moved on, so my questions are:
1. if you are familiar with Ridgeback, is this bike significantly inferior to the latest range and how does it compare to Velocity?
2. was Momentum replaced by Speed or Velocity?
3. should I take into account the aging process ie bike not being used for over 3 years?
4. can i tackle the hills with this bike (after properly servicing it) as easily as with Giant, Alight or Velocity?

i can see that 2014 edition of Momentum is still selling: ... -Bike.aspx
but i'm not a bike expert to decipher if there were major differences between 11 and 14 editions and how both compare to Velocity model available today.

any feedback will be greatly appreciated.
thank you


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