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MTB Newbie: What's similar to a CUBE ATTENTION?

ElstarElstar Posts: 2
edited April 2015 in MTB buying advice
Hi guys - would love some help from the mountain biking community!

Yesterday my boyfriend's Cube Attention ('09 model) was stolen in broad daylight from one of the busiest streets in Amsterdam. He's devastated: he loved that thing. He raced around the streets like an absolute maniac (I think he may have loved it even more than me!).

What are a few similar brands/models I could look to buy him as a replacement? I know absolutely zero about bikes: I ride a secondhand (let's be realistic: it's probably ninth-hand) three-gear Omafiets. He only rides around Amsterdam, so no actual mountain biking, but he loves the speed so needs the brakes (and all the other fancy bike parts I know nothing about) to match.

My budget is probably EUR200-400, and I would definitely consider secondhand; given it's just to ride within Amsterdam.

If anyone could give me just a few brand names and models to start with, I'd be super grateful.

Thank you!


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