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Ride London 2015 !!!

Hi Guys im doing the ride this year but cant find much info on the logistics of it all. I need to find a hotel to book etc. so can anyone recommend a hotel to stay in. Also how do you get your bikes to the start if your not that close. Can you Use the tubes/trains etc. ME and the family would also like to do the London freeride on the Saturday but again cant seem to find much info on how to get your bikes into town!!!!!> but if you could recommend and bike friendly hotels id really appreciate it. but all info gratefully received as i need to get this sorted before the wife kills me!!


  • buckmulliganbuckmulligan Posts: 1,031
    Welcome to the forum!

    There's already a thread on the Ride-London 100, if you post your questions over there then you'll be more likely to get a response. A good few people on here have done it in the previous years, so they should be able to answer any queries.

  • Thanks Buck ill do that now.
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