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Lacing disc hubs

munkstermunkster Posts: 819
edited February 2015 in Workshop
If I laced front and rear symmetrically with trailing spokes "inbound" (ie. Musson's Option B or Brandt's)... Will I die?

I'm reading all sorts of stuff re: King and Shimano lacing instructions for disc hubs for taking hub braking forces but just wondered whether it was that big a deal...?


  • It's not a big deal... I do it right with the braking spokes head in on the disc side, but I have seen the opposite and it works OK... there is a lot of scaremonger about disc wheels and I suspect half of it is bollox...
    However, better you than me to find out... :wink:
  • munkstermunkster Posts: 819
    However, better you than me to find out...

    Is that known as "delegation"? ;-)

    It's OK anyway, they're only going to be on my CX bike which is essentially a winter road bike, so I won't be going fast enough to need to brake :shock:
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