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power output during a 3up time trial

nfcbdfgjbfghnfcbdfgjbfgh Posts: 8
Hi I have a 3 up time trial in a couple of week and we dont have a chance to ride together to get the pacing right but i do have a power meter. I put out 270 watts for a 10 Mile solo TT so when im on the front of the 3 up TT what power should i be aiming at?
Thanks for any advice


  • jibberjimjibberjim Posts: 2,810
    No-one knows, it doesn't depend on just your FTP, it also depends on your profile, how much over FTP you can do without a problem for different durations. Also your teammates FTP and profiles - you want to go fastest for the full course not share the time on the front in any way other than to achieve that. And of course your relative aerodynamics and skills in holding wheels, as that will impact how much rest you get behind.

    So it may be you do nothing but sit last wheel the whole time, or it maybe that you spend the whole time on the front, or it maybe that you do 30second turns or 3 minute turns. The optimal approach can only be found with practice, and it's also likely to change throughout the event as you tire at different rates etc.

    A starting place for a 3 up is probably about 10-15% above FTP for 30-60seconds on the front for a 10 mile TT, but that assumes you're all similar.
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  • Hi thanks for your reply im am slightly slower than the other (about 15 seconds on a 10) we are aiming at 20 second turns and im small and aero 9 1/2 stone the other 2 have got good positions but are much larger 1 is 6 foot 4 and one is 18 stone we are all good at holding the wheel infront
  • jibberjimjibberjim Posts: 2,810
    20seconds is pretty short, I'd've thought much too short.

    Is the course flat or undulating - your different sizes will impact a lot if it is and you want to take advantage of who to have on the front at the right time.
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  • bahzobbahzob Posts: 2,195
    You may find this article interesting

    (Not that I'm any fan of the author's dubious past.. )

    PS. One word of warning from personal experience. Power is great for pacing but can be a liability if you are riding balls out in a fast pace-line. By all means, if it helps, use it when you are in the lead if its safe but it's best to ignore the meter when in the line as you always want to be focussed on the road/team mate ahead not looking down to see what numbers are showing.
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