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Shimano Ultegra - Broken Right Shifter

dee4life2005dee4life2005 Posts: 773
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I purchased a road bike 2yrs 4 months ago, which had full ultegra groupset.

A couple of days ago on commute to work the right-hand gear shifter decided it no longer wanted to shift gears properly. It would upshift (to larger rear cogs) but not downshift - no click. On removing the shifter from the bike for closer inspection a small piece of plastic fell out, and this appears to be a lug against which a coil spring is located and returns one of the gear ratchet arms back to it's starting position after shifting. Without this lug in place the tension of this spring had been reduced and it is therefore not able to return the lever to its starting position ... hence no downshifting.

I can make it downshift if I manually reset this level by sticking my finger into the lever workings, but as soon as I upshift again this stops.

I realise that I'm outwith the 2 years warranty period, but given that the mechanism itself works fine and that it's a non-moving part within the lever that's broken I was looking at making a claim under the Sale of Goods Act 1979.

However, Shimano directs you to make any claims through the original seller ... I contacted them but the refused as it was over the 2yrs and wouldn't even entertain my request.

Am I completely out of luck here and looking at having to fork out £120 for a replacement ... or does it sound like I should have a claim under SoG Act ?

Anyone else had this problem ... I see on internet similar faults, but they mostly seem to be with the left shifter.


  • redveeredvee Posts: 11,921
    I've seen Shimano STI parts on St John Street Cycles, might be cheaper than £120.
    I've added a signature to prove it is still possible.
  • True, but I've not done much in depth searching yet but the 6700 triple 10sp shifters are becoming a bit harder to find now that 6800 11sp is out.

    It's still a fair bit of wedge out of my new bike fund though :-(
  • jgsijgsi Posts: 5,027
    Never did like 6700 .... however.. 1 tip... go onto Ebay .. you can find some eg NOS 5703 shifters from an Ebay shop. usually have a BiN price but message them with an 'offer', see what the response is.
    I picked up FSA SLk crankset doing this .. brand new but sat on a shelf for 4 years and cost less than a ton after the deal struck.
  • cool thanks, i'll take a look.
    I guess worst case I could always purchase the lever unit ( ... prod35200/) and swap over the lever.
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