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andreascyandreascy Posts: 2
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I am considering to buy my first road bike Silverback Space 1 which comes with carbon frame and full Ultegra componets.

Did anybody had any experience with Silverback bikes especially the model Space 1? If yes I would love to have your comments


  • rick_chaseyrick_chasey Posts: 53,323 Lives Here
    Haven't heard of them but they look like nice bikes. Ultegra is pretty top quality kit (ride that myself), and it's really not very far off what the pros ride, save a few grams.

    Looks like quite a lot of bike for someone who's fairly new to the sport - if you decide you don't like it it might be a very costly venture! But it's your money.

    Focus on making sure you get a good frame size, and use a bike shop that seems to know what it's doing to get a good idea on what frame size works (hint: a mechanic looking at you and going 'nnnnyeeah, 52 will do ya isn't all that much use ;))
  • I rode the exact model you are looking at a couple of years ago in Mallorca (hired from one of the bike shops in Pollenca). I have nothing but good things to say about the bike. It was light, stiff, comfortable and the Ultegra groupset was as ever flawless. It had own brand finishing kit and Mavic Aksium S wheels if my memory serves me correctly. It also had the most comfortable saddle I've ever tried (own brand again).

    No idea how much the bike costs but if you can afford it go for it!
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