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Smart self healing tubes

BigphillybBigphillyb Posts: 21
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Thoughts ?


  • deswellerdesweller Posts: 5,271
    Might lead to a surprise after vasectomy.
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  • Normally very heavy, in 2 years of cycling, I've not had a puncture, pay for lighter wheels, so why ad self healing tubes :)
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  • dj58dj58 Posts: 2,169
    Used them on the MTB, run at low pressures, a few years ago and they did work for small thorn censored type punctures, however the tubes with sealant tend to be thick and heavy. Switched to Air-B, Conti and Michelin latex inner tubes for weight saving and carried a can of vittoria pit-stop type sealant instead. Not used self sealers on the road bike though.
  • w00dsterw00dster Posts: 879
    I had some for my crossbike, very heavy (note the very!). They weren't cheap, approx £10 per tube if I remember correctly, but as I use the bike for commuting and winter rides I thought it would be worth the expense and the weight to stop punctures in the [email protected] weather and early mornings.
    I didn't trust mine so I always carried a spare and CO2 cartridge. After about 500 miles I got a puncture, glass from a broken bottle on a cycle path. Green gloop over the inside of the tyre. I didn't expect this type of puncture to be self-repaired, put a new self sealing tube and got another puncture quite quickly. This time I couldn't see what caused it - prob about another 100 miles of riding completed. A tiny hole in the tube and it didn't seal, pretty disappointed.
    I have to admit I had pretty rubbish tyres on in terms of puncture resistance (Continental Cyclo Cross Speed), so that could well have been a contributing factor.
    Anyhow, new tyres with puncture protection and normal tubes and so far all is good.....
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