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Commuting mudguards for a Bizango

zntrxzntrx Posts: 27
edited March 2015 in MTB buying advice
I very recently bought a Bizango and did my first commute yestereday (road only).

Arrived into work and home covered pretty much everywhere in spray from both front and back tyres.

Can anyone suggest suitable mudguards, longer the better I guess. From what I can see the bike has mudguard mount points on rear dropouts and on the centre of the forks at the point immediately above the wheel.

As it's pertinent, I have 35C tyres on the bike for the commute and fine with removing the mudguards (and changing the tyres) when going off road.


  • mattyfezmattyfez Posts: 638
    I find the Beaver tails to be very good, about £17-£20 for a pair, front and rear.

    They won't stop your feet getting dirty but other than that they are very good if you can live with the looks. Due to being close to the tyre they do a good job of keeping the top half of the bike clean too, even for cross country type riding such as the pic below, although if you do the kind of riding that requires a full face helmet, you'll probably want something a bit smaller.

    I had to buy a shorter bolt for the front guard as the ones supplied were too long to screw into the parallel bar on the front shocks, but that was about 50p from local DIY shop, or you could saw a bit off one of the ones supplied I suppose.


  • zntrxzntrx Posts: 27
    An update as I've finally gotten around to fitting something.

    In the end I went for SKS Blumels with p-clips on the front dropouts. I had to bend the front stays a bit to get them attached but other than this very straightforward and work perfectly.

    FYI 35mm pclips & the central screw on the dropouts is an M6.
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