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Heckler vs 327 vs Remedy 8?

rmgcookrmgcook Posts: 2
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Hi - new comer to this forum so I will start by saying hello to everyone!

I have been out of riding for 6 months ever since some @%$@ stole my 3 month old Cotic BFE that I had just finished building to a reasonably high spec. I'm now on the hunt for a new bike.

My riding is normally riding local trails - red routes typically, not hard riding but I do like some nice down hill sections.

I built the Cotic as I wanted a nimble bike for the ascents, in all honesty in the limited time I had it I realised that I missed having rear suspension! Before this bike I had a 2009 Trek EX8, however I preferred the extra (150mm) travel I had up front on the Cotic.

So with this in mind I have a few bikes on the list so far. I've hunted around for the best deals a I want to keep my purchase as close to £2k as possible. If I can get 0% on the bike then even better. Also saving for a wedding so will have limited funds to upgrade the bike in the near future.

Opinions welcome on the following:

2015 Trek Remedy EX8 - found this for £2250 with 0% available
2015 Lapierre Zesty 327 - £1885 again with 0% available
Santa Cruz Heckler 650b D AM - £2025 but would need to be cash purchase

My thoughts are:

Trek seems to offer highest spec components but I have read varied reviews. Having owned an EX8, I do quite like Treks. Most expensive of the bunch though.

Zesty - seems to offer a pretty decent all round package at a good price (cheapest of the 3). Not the best components but does have a dropper seat post which is a nice touch and reviews seem OK. I don't know much about Lapierre's though in terms of long term use..

Santa Cruz - I have always fancied one - Seems to have the most potential for upgrades, although I won't have any spare cash in the short term so would need to live with the standard spec for now.

I'm tempted by the Zesty at the moment simply down to price and 0% finance - but the Santa Cruz is also tempting as long as the standard kit will see me through the medium term... going to check one out today.

Opinions welcome if any of you have tried these?



  • RockmonkeySCRockmonkeySC Posts: 14,770
    I wouldn't go for any of them, the Giant Reign or Transition Patrol would be my choice.
  • paul.skibumpaul.skibum Posts: 4,068
    How much is a Transition Patrol RMSC? I have no idea the UK price but I bet its more than the other suggestions the OP has made. (I saw a base level build for 2900 with a quick google - not terrible but more but site did say 24 months 0% - crosstrax in Leeds if the OP is interested!)

    Heckler has a censored rear shock and an average fork. The geometry is great imho, same as the Bronson which I have, but single pivot. I was tempted to save money and go with the Heckler over the Bronson and would have if they had a higher spec model than the R AM where I was buying from.

    Consider a Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt if you can find one - base level 2.5k up to a bit over 3k for top. I'd love to try one.
    Closet jockey wheel pimp censored .
  • RockmonkeySCRockmonkeySC Posts: 14,770
    The Transition is £2799 but comes with a pretty good build
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