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CX to single speed

cookeeemonstercookeeemonster Posts: 1,991
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In the next few weeks or months I'm gonna convert my 2013 Charge Filter steel CX bike to a single speed.

Just because.

Gonna buy some charge bullhorns (£20 approx)...some brake levers to fit on the end of them (will £15 basic ones do or worth spending more?) and take the gear stuff off and do this, that and the other. Trying not to spend too much money either so keeping the brakes as is and so on.

I have semi vertical dropouts and so am hoping to avoid using a chain tensioner or specialist hub...and have no interest in fixed at the moment, I just wanna do a cheapish SS conversion using my bike and the zondas it currently has on. It's got a 46-36 chainset and I was hoping to be able to retain the 46 chainring to save money.

This is my main resource for this:

At this early stage i just want to know if anyone had any advice/pointers to help me? Or websites you used to do something similar?

Thanks in advance!

ps. thought I'd ask now in case there's anything I should buy in the sales before they end.


  • asprillaasprilla Posts: 8,440
    The main issue with converting to SS is getting the chainline to match front and rear, which with track hubs means ensuring your BB is right. However, if you are using a 10spd hub with spacers then you can adjust your chainline at the rear.

    The other issue you might have is that your front chain ring is 3/32 so you'll need a 3/32 sprocket at the rear. In most cases they are 1/8. My SSs have 1/8 chain rings, chains and sprockets.

    Oh, and if you are using bull horns then you probably want a shorter stem as the reach on the bars is generally further than having your hands on the hoods.
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  • crakercraker Posts: 1,739
    Don't be tempted to try and reuse a chain or cassette off your derailleur set-up, it might work most of the time but you'll thank yourself for buying a single speed chain and a gear without ramps.

    I haven't gone the bullhorn route. Drops suit the geometry of the SS just fine. £££ saved :-) (I did buy brake levers though).

    Gearing wise, depends on your locale. Start with 68" or so and work up from there?
  • dyrlacdyrlac Posts: 745
    I use tektro 4.1 pursuit brake levers on my charge bullhorns. Be warned though that they are a very tight fit, spent some quality time with a metal file on the bung. Bullhorns for the win though.
  • Thanks for your replies people, much appreciated!

    Asprilla, not sure what the 3/32 an 1/8 stuff means at the moment to be honest but I'm sure it'll make sense when I read up on this a bit more :)
  • asprillaasprilla Posts: 8,440
    It's the chain width.

    There is no reason to pick one over the other it's just that 1/8 is traditional for single speed.
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  • Ah thanks!
  • I'd use 1/8th chain if possible, a. because it is a bit stronger, especially important if you are removing one or more brakes and b. because it will allow a fractional mis-align without rubbing. You may also need to use half links to get correct chain length.
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