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Planet X 52mm 2013 Carbon Clincher Shimano Freehub Compatabi

JamesiebhoyJamesiebhoy Posts: 2
edited January 2015 in Road beginners
I bought these wheels in July 2013.Wondered if the Shimano free hub was 11 speed compatible at the time of purchase.Any help much appreciated.Running a 10 speed at the moment


  • Check behind the cassette.
    If you have a 1.8 mm spacer + a 1 mm spacer, then it is an 11 speed compatible one... if you only have a 1 mm spacer that comes with the cassette then it is not.
    That unless you use Tiagra 4600 cassettes
  • ba68ba68 Posts: 156
    Ugo, why is it different with a Tiagra 4600 cassette?
  • Because Tiagra cassettes have the 1 mm spacer integrated, so basically you fit them on an 11 speed free hub using only the 1.8 mm spacer or on a 8-10 speed free hub with no spacer.
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