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Fixie / Single Speed - Sensible?

Bullet1Bullet1 Posts: 161
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Today has been a lucky day - I won a cycling bundle which includes a bike......

I currently have a half decent road bike (£1,400) which is more than adequate for my 2,500 miles per year split equally between commuting the 17 flat miles each way to work and being a weekend warrior!

I've basically won a £500 voucher to spend on a bike - cant be topped up.

Thinking a £500 road bike would at best be a 'winter hack' which I would potentially use for commuting but and distance or hills revert back to my better bike - and why bother to duplicate?

A £500 fixie / free wheel on the other hand would be fun and more bombproof and ideal for going out with the kids. But....would it be suitable for 17 miles each way commute once or twice a week (I currently don't move off the top ring on my commute to work). Half my journey is on country roads with the remainder through towns and traffic.


  • w00dsterw00dster Posts: 879
    Congrats on the win!
    I have to admit I love my single speed. Don't let distance on it worry you, I use mine for much longer rides (60 miles +).
    I would also have a think about a cross bike or a gravel bike as some are called. I got my 2014 Genesis CDF for about £550. Disc brakes and nice big tyres, so ideal for winter, commuting and going out with the kids. Having the ability to go off road is great fun, in my opinion more so than a single speed. Or you could get a Genesis Day One Disc for a similar price, that's a single speed cyclocross bike.
  • redveeredvee Posts: 11,920
    My SS is used on the commute, 20+ miles per day and it is faster than when I use the geared bike on the same distance. I've done some major distances on it too, the last one was 50 miles.
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  • JayKostaJayKosta Posts: 635
    Can the voucher be used for accessories, or does it have to be a complete bike?

    Perhaps think about 'where' you would like to ride a bike, but you current one is not appropriate.
    Fixed or SS is fine for flat or gentle rolling, but not for difficult climbs.

    Jay Kosta
    Endwell NY USA
  • iPeteiPete Posts: 6,076
    Get a fixed bike. Set it up with a sensible gear and you'll have no issues commuting that distance.
  • sarm34sarm34 Posts: 182
    try in derby they do some really nice fixies, custom builds as well
  • tlw1tlw1 Posts: 19,092
    I love my fixie and single speeds - the layer I use for commuting 35 miles each way to work. I love the challenge
  • Bullet1Bullet1 Posts: 161
    Thanks - fixie ordered from Mango (where I had to get it from). Must say the website etc looks pretty impressive!
  • I commute 15 miles each way on a fix based on a '60s steel frame. No issues and there are hills on my route. Great fun and bomb proof.
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