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Oxford Commuting help

j_mcdj_mcd Posts: 472
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Does anyone know Oxford that well?

I've got to go to a course in Eynsham for three days starting tomorrow and am considering getting the train to Oxford and then cycling out to the venue. I'd be taking the Eynsham Road (B4044) (I'd imagine) but have no idea about what it's like.

Anyone use it?
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  • ctcctc Posts: 232
    I've used it, and it can be a bit of a censored . There's a campaign running to get a cycle path put in.

    The problem is it's not very wide, and there's a lot of traffic including buses using it at rush hour and so you get some cars that pass very close to you. Also there's a toll bridge coming over into Eynsham and that gets quite queued back.
    I wouldn't say don't use it at all, but be aware it can be a bit tricky.

    Are you actually in Eynsham, or are you at Eynsham Hall? If you're at Eynsham Hall, it might be better going through Oxford, up the Woodstock road, along the A40 and then cut up Cuckoo lane. There's a reasonable cycle path down the side of the A40
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