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Recommend a new rim?

thistle_thistle_ Posts: 5,847
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I had a puncture at the weekend and noticed some cracking in my rim like this: ... 2b17_z.jpg
http://fatherdaughtercyclingadventures. ... 0x515_.jpg ... mg0429.jpg (but not that bad, yet)

Can someone recommend a cheap-ish replacement rim?

It's for my commuter/pub bike. Tyres are 26x1.25" slicks at 60-80 psi, disc brake hub, singlespeed (not fixie). Riding is mostly road with the occasional towpath, pump track and I'd like it to be able to do the blue route at Llandgela every now and then (with different tyres, maybe :wink: )

Current rim is a Mavic XM719. It's about 6 years old and done around 5000 miles, mostly on road. I went for the XM719 because I wanted something reliable that needed virtually no maintenance and wouldn't break - it's done this job well (only needed truing once, about 2 months after I got it) but I'm disappointed that it's failed by cracking.

According to ... 01993.html, Mavic say the XM719 shouldn't be used with disc brakes or high tyre pressures, so I don't want another XM719.


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