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connecting tv to amp

apple eaterapple eater Posts: 302
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I bought a new tv that has an spdiff socket on the back of the TV. It also has the three coloured connectors on the side which in the olden days you could plug things into and they would work.

So i tried to connect my stereo amp to the new TV (had it connected to the older one) via the red & white phono cables. Not a single sound came through the speakers. So i'm assuming it's input only on the tv and therefore can't transmit the sound to the amp.

So i've read a few things about spdiff being optical and others saying it's audio or both but no real answer of conviction.

Has anyone run a tv via spdiff to a stereo amp? How did (do) you do it?
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  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    It all depends on the TV. But your digital will be sound. But RTFM.

    there will be inputs and there will be outputs.

    But who knows.
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  • Just a thought, new TVs usually come with manuals.
  • Just a thought, new TVs usually come with manuals.

    Pft, are you a woman?
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  • merkinmerkin Posts: 452
    Does your amp have an spdif input? Optical doesn't mean optical video. It means audio signals down a fibre optic cable.
    Get an A/V amp and set of speakers with a sub for around £200 from richer sounds or amazon. Oh and a spdiff lead.
  • sounds like you've put the cables from your hifi into the composite input sockets, so yes that won't work

    If there's no stereo outputs, then you're stuck - would check the manual to rule out it cannot output via stereo

    the optical out is audio, but its digital and won't go directly into your stereo amp. as said above, you ideally would need a proper A/V amp to take the digital signal out from the TV
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