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Syncros RR2.0 wheels with DT Swiss hub

Steve_00Steve_00 Posts: 2
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I have a Scott Foil. The original wheels are Syncros RR2.0 with a DT Swiss hub. The rear hub is a bit notchy. Does anyone know which DT Swiss hub is in the wheel? I want to change the bearing but I think I need some special tools etc. Many thanks!


  • Maybe not, I doubt they use their expensive Hugi Ratchet system for budget hubs
  • SalsaSalsa Posts: 753
    I've just serviced a set of Syncros wheels off my friends top end Foil, not sure if they were the same as the ones you have though. His were the carbon fairing ones and had 240s internals, if yours are the same then you can remove the nds bearing really easily but the ds one needs the dt swiss tool to remove the internal part of the ratchet from the hub body to gain access to it.
    Easy way to find out is to remove the freehub body and see if it has the star ratchet system. Just grab the cassette by the rear and pull, if it's the ratchet version the freehub body will come off with the cassette and you can see the star ratchet.
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