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Cycleops Fluid 2

rowlersrowlers Posts: 1,614
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I've got the Fluid 2 and its started making a bit of noise. I've listened and it sounds like it is coming from the bearing at the flywheel side.
I've emailed Cycleops and they just said to take it to a dealer, but as I bought it 2nd hand, but unused, the lifetime warranty doesn't help me.

Anyone else had any bearing issues that they have successfully fixed?



  • If you can get it to a dealer, that might help. I'd check everything is done up tight first, just incase it's something simple that has worked loose....
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  • rowlersrowlers Posts: 1,614
    Well, I've found this with a good bit of googling:

    Step 1 - Loosen allen screw (hole in roller the bike tire rides against).
    Step 2 - Tighten nut on fly wheel 1/4 turn.
    Step 3 - Tighten allen screw.

    If clicking is not gone repeat to a maximum of 2 more times. If you have tightened nut to 3/4 turns (3 sequences of these steps) STOP and call customer service.

    So I'll give that a goo and see if it helps..
  • rowlersrowlers Posts: 1,614
    Tried the above and struggled to get even 1/4 turn on the flywheel nut. Hence to say it hasn't helped!

    I'll have another good look tomorrow, otherwise I'll find a local dealer...
  • rowlersrowlers Posts: 1,614
    Got the flywheel off, greased the bearing so we'll if that helps.
    In the mean time I got in touch with Paligap, who have sent me a replacement resistant unit for £48! I now get the lifetime warranty too.
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