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British cycling to scrap masters cat

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I see on Facebook that british cycling is going to scrap the masters cat for xc racing. Seems a bit odd to me. While there is clearly duplication in categories it would surely make more sense to have an ability based expert and elite catering for up to vet and then enforce the 30 age split so all over thirty fun/open/sport riders are lumped in masters and the fast masters are in expert or elite.


  • RockmonkeySCRockmonkeySC Posts: 14,770
    Nothing wrong with the current system. 30-40 years masters category and then expert and elite for more successful riders. Putting fun/open/sport riders in with masters will just get in the way of faster ametures.
    The masters category is one of the fastest and most competitive. It's the same for xc and dh.
  • FerralsFerrals Posts: 785
    No I know, I can't quite figure out why they've done it. I should be in masters but wouldn't enter a race as it's too fast. So all those very fast masters have to race sport till they qualify for expert? Doesn't really make sense, the only reason must be to avoid duplication of cats but I don't think scrapping masters is the right approach.
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