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Which one to use as a hard hitting HT

Clockworkmark31Clockworkmark31 Posts: 1,053
edited December 2014 in MTB general
Hi all,

As some of you may know I was recently deprived of my Spesh Rockhopper.

So now only down to one bike Giant Talon 0 650b (2014).

My brother has come up trumps and offering me his Cube Analog 2012 as I have some spare bits for 26" laying around.

One of the bikes is going to be used purely for commuting and town and odd towpaths and the other a full on rebuild.

Was wondering what peoples thoughts were on which frame would be the best option? I had a Cube acid before and loved it. But the giant has I think slacker angles and I'm not sure what frame would be best to start improving on.

Would like peoples thoughts, plan is hard hitting light weight 120mm travel 1x10 or 1x9.

With the cube being a 26er second hand parts could be a bargain?


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