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advice needed need to get fit

douggiedouggie Posts: 4
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Hi all
I'm a 22 Stone chap, 40 years of age. I used to be a runner but I had a car accident which I broke my back and also had a op to remove a cancerous kidney, which all resulted in a massive weight gain. I attempted to run again and all I have achieved is to knacker my feet through the impact.
Anyway in an attempt to shed some weight and get fit again I thought cycling to be the obvious choice. I have only ever ridden a mountain bike before and then only for short commuting and many years ago.
I have looked around at various outlets, and have had conflicting advice., and need some help to decide which bike and indeed which type.
There are 4 bikes I have in mind but I am definitely open to other suggestions. I live in the Cotswold so it is very hilly. My upper limit is £450

1. Btwin triban 500. Concerned it would be up to carrying my weight.
2. Btwin rockrider 540.
3. Calibre 2.2
4. Dawes galaxy al. Not sure it would be big enough. I am 6ft2 shop advised not recommended for over 6 ft

Please help!!!!


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