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9spd to 10spd, change the RD?

mugensimugensi Posts: 558
edited November 2014 in Workshop
I'm changing m winter bike from 9spd Tiagra to 10spd Tiagra and need to know if i need to change the rear derailleur. I have new right shifter, cassette and chain but have found conflicting views on the RD, some say it will work fine and simply need to be indexed and the limit screws adjusted slightly and others say that the 10spd chain wont spin freely on the 9spd RD jockey wheels.


  • keezxkeezx Posts: 1,318
    I say: it's okay.
  • gozzygozzy Posts: 640
    Agreed. You might as well try anyway. If it works, it works and you've saved the cost of a new mech.
  • rafletcherrafletcher Posts: 1,235
    It'll be fine. The internal width of the chain is identical to the 9sp (and indeed the 8sp and 11sp, and probably others)
  • mugensimugensi Posts: 558
    Thanks everyone, will try it and report back.
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