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Season Review 2014 Plans for 2015

antsmithmkantsmithmk Posts: 717
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Let's here your reviews of 2014 then now the clocks have gone back.

Highs, lows, etc

New Carbon bike with Ultegra - definitely worth the hype
Riding said bike up Alpe D'Huez, Galibier Pass, Croix De Fer on a 2 week alpine holiday
First sub 25 10 mile TT

Selling my Allez, should have kept it for winter riding
2 crashes - first wrecked my kit, second wrecked my handlebars
Still can't master a decent turbo session

Plans for 2015

Sub 24 TT
Complete a Silverstone individual duathlon
Ride 100 miles in a day


  • Highs:
    Fantastic new road bike - Bianchi Infinito CV
    Rode 200km with over 2500m of climbing on my 50th birthday
    Some epic rides over the big cols within striking distance of Annecy
    Great week riding in Majorca
    New Scott Scale & mountain biking for the first time in years with my 7 year old son

    Lows: can't think of any cycling related lows :)

    Next year - the Route des Grandes Alps - Geneva to Nice with 15,000m of climbing
  • Highs….New Scot Foil with Di2
    Lots of new kit now established cycling as golfs replacement!!
    A very benevolent chancellor!!
    Said chancellor actually enjoying the TDF in sheffield more than me!!!
    Completing the coast to coast ride going UP Hardknott/Wrynose….why!!!

    Lows..Epic crash on those pesky tram tracks9luckily said Foil escaped unharmed..I however did not!!!)
    Going up Hardknott Pass!! :):)
    Derailleur hanger snapped..into spokes …27-0mph in 2 secs!! NOT recommended!!!
    Not many others to think of cycling's been a good year.

    Next year??

    Some trip abroad or into the Lakes again!!!
    Try to do 100 in a day with epic climbing..then buy some new legs!!!! :o:o:o
  • DavidJBDavidJB Posts: 2,019

    Winning a couple of Crits.
    Putting in a couple of great performances in road races.
    Getting a new race bike.
    Not proper crashing and hurting myself for the first season ever.
    Went the whole season without a chest infection.

    Being caught up in/witnessing a crash at Portsmouth where Richard Phillips-Schofield tragically lost his life.
  • davep1davep1 Posts: 820
    3 specific aims for the year -

    RideLondon in 5 hrs so 20 mph average
    Surrey Legs of Steel in gold standard (under 3 hrs 10)
    Climb to the Blockhaus in Abruzzo Italy (had to admit defeat a couple of years ago in the summer heat)


    Ridelondon (shortened course) at 20 mph. Could I have done the full course at that speed if the weather had been better? No idea!
    Climbed the Blockhaus yesterday, almost. At 6000 feet the road was covered in snow and ice so the last 800 feet will have to wait til next year.
    Legs of Steel - nearly 4 mins better than last year, but...

    Legs of Steel - still the wrong side of 3.10. Went off too hard at the start, by half way the writing was on the wall. Had been working up to this event all year, and it shattered my illusions that I have improved these last 12 months. Possibly rode in a bunch more the first year

    Plans for 2015
    Dartmoor Classic
    Ridelondon if I get a ballot place :roll:
    All 6800 feet of the Blockhaus (and maybe Il Muro di Guardiagrele too)
    Climb lots of hills repeatedly
    Not let my mate on his new £3.5k bike beat me
    Will be 50 so maybe a canyon/Cannondale...
  • SoSimpleSoSimple Posts: 301

    New bike- Planet X RT58 in white and green. Not subtle but I love it and it makes me want to get our and ride.
    Finally managed to get enjoyment back after not touching bike from Oct - March ( see above)
    Place on Ride London 100


    Ride London 86 - came back from Egypt week before with Pharoahs revenge and felt rotten all the way round. Had to stop numerous times and combination of being drenched, bibs and portaloos isn't one I'd like to repeat
    Garmin being stolen in meeting area after Ride London


    Gran fondo Stelvio - something to train for!
  • Thinking about taking up Golf
    I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles
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