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Did I Do The Right Thing?

AkirashoAkirasho Posts: 1,892
edited November 2014 in The cake stop
... heard screaming from a local park at 6AM during my commute and found this... ... r_embedded

... do I keep her or take her to a no kill shelter?


  • capt_slogcapt_slog Posts: 3,813
    I suppose the answer depends upon how much you want a dog. For me it would have been the shelter or calling someone to come and pick her up, as I can't stand the bloody things.

    But yes, you did the right thing from a humanity point of view. :D

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  • heavymentalheavymental Posts: 2,040
    Good man so you are.
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    Strange that it has a collar (or is that yours?). I would definitely put some posters up, as it's a bit odd that a puppy would go missing without someone looking for it. If you let a few local vets know, they have have some calls from worried owners.

    Very cute though. Do you have microchipping in the US? Could be chipped if you're lucky.

    Had to watch with no sound - is it still howling?
  • ukiboyukiboy Posts: 891
    Very cute and lovely pooch :D Do you want a dog? Investigate if this pup is lost and try to trace the owner
    But if you have no joy just give this dog a loving home. It looks absolutely adorable!
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  • bianchimoonbianchimoon Posts: 3,942
    a friend for life.. if no one claims her!
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  • type:epyttype:epyt Posts: 766
    Cute, it may be ... but what are you gonna get in 6 months time?

    What is the breed? Is it healthy? There's a good few $$$ on a vet check before you even start ...

    Sorry, but you don't keep a dog just because you found one ... You need to want one and have given serious thought to how it will fit into your life (and also how you will fit into the dog's) ...

    If you need to ask on an internet forum I think you know the sensible answer ...
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  • AkirashoAkirasho Posts: 1,892
    ... the pup was found atop playground equipment (about 6 feet up) and I can see no way that she could have climbed there by herself (the bottom rung of the set was/is well beyond her current hop).

    Got a dog and cat, but will try to give it a go. If it doesn't work out, I'll send her to a no kill while she's still young enuff to be a shoe in for adoption.
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    Some people are seriously deranged. Why not put some posters up in the post office and in the vet before deserting the poor thing.

    It's cute though. What breed?
  • AkirashoAkirasho Posts: 1,892
    coriordan wrote:

    It's cute though. What breed?

    ... clueless... though in these parts, the Pit Bull is popular. OTOH, the Pit Bull is also relatively valued so I guess I'll just have to wait and see!

    Decades ago, a woman at work gave me a pup she found wandering her property... scrawny hairless little thing that eventually ended up being 50+ pounds of mobile fur.
  • The pup might be chipped. I think the police or a local vets will be able to scan it and let you know.
  • AkirashoAkirasho Posts: 1,892
    The pup might be chipped. I think the police or a local vets will be able to scan it and let you know.

    ... no chip. but geesh, she's got a wee bladder!
  • GasmanGasman Posts: 530
    5 seconds into that video and my lazy lump of a border collie has stirred herself from her slumbers and is looking at me with head cocked at a very quizzical angle.
    I'm gonna live for ever. . .or die trying!!
  • Liking the Oakley shoes! :D
  • Send out feelers to the local animal warden and vets, but frankly unless she has been stolen and then abandoned (unlikely) then anyone who leaves a dog in danger doesn't deserve to keep her, and in my book would need to supply a valid explanation of the way she was found that clears them of negligence before I'd surrender her back. From the way she was leaning on you, it looks like she has already adopted you, so if your cat and dog accept her, chances are you have an addition to the family.
  • N'awh, can I have it?
  • AkirashoAkirasho Posts: 1,892
    ... the one week update...


  • cornerblockcornerblock Posts: 3,228
    Looks very happy and I see you're spoiling it already, that Rapha collar couldn't have been cheap.
  • ProssPross Posts: 34,196
    Looks like a Staffie from that photo.
  • AkirashoAkirasho Posts: 1,892
    ... week TWO (the week I was finally trained to accept getting by with no more than 3 hours of sleep in a row.... MAX)...
  • Lovely little fellow. Well done for taking him in and looking after him :D
    tick - tick - tick
  • AkirashoAkirasho Posts: 1,892
    metronome wrote:
    Lovely little fellow. Well done for taking him in and looking after him :D

    ...Charlie is my 11 year old and this was their first official meet... though there is still a "mild" quarantine in effect...
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