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Road bike with MTB front end compatability?

GuileGuile Posts: 16
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I have a road bike frame but have put MTB handlebars on them. Consequently, I need MTB gear shifters and brake levers.

Are there any compatability issues with using MTB brake levers with dual-pivot road bike calipers? Same with the gear shifters. Any other issues I should be aware of? Thanks.


  • handfulhandful Posts: 914
    Depends on your groupset I think. I went the opposite way, went from flat bars to drops and brifters with Sram Apex groupset and that was fine but I believe the shimano rear DRs has a different cable pull. I can't help on the brakes because I had Vs but did have to change them to mini v which was easy and they work pretty well. There may be compatible shifters for Shimano available though.

    On a side note I have the Sram trigger shifters, bars and v brakes in a drawer somewhere if you want to buy them!
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  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    MTB brake levers pull too much cable - you'll need some flat-bar specific road levers such as Tiagra. Regular Shimano MTB 10-speed shifters won't work for their road mechs - again you'll need the flat bar Tiagra ones. No problem with 8 or 9 speed - road and MTB shifters and mechs are compatible.
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