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North Kent cycling clubs

Wrath RobWrath Rob Posts: 2,918
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Afternoon all. I may be moving from SW London to North Kent at some point in the near future, can anyone recommend any cycling clubs down that way? I'm looking for not just the weekend club run but also training rides, TTs and road racing. I've heard of San Fairy Ann, but they're down in Marden (AFIAK) where as I'll be further north, near West Malling.
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  • Wrath RobWrath Rob Posts: 2,918
    No one on here rides with a club in North Kent?
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  • epo.wksepo.wks Posts: 47
    San Fairy Ann always used to be Maidstone which isn't a million miles from West Malling. If you fancy a little bit of a leg warmer prior to a club run (or a short drive) then Southborough Wheelers are quite an active club with regular evening TT's and race team with the usual club run/chain gang.
  • 4T+ Velo Club might be an alternative to SFA and seem to be growing in popularity quite quickly (SFA is easily the biggest most diverse club in Kent but it can be a bit old fashioned). They're primarily a racing club with fingers in most pies but I think they also do the usual Sunday rides from Vinters Park sometimes (M20 J7). I've done a couple of evening training sessions with them at Gravesend Cyclopark with a view to joining myself and seem a good bunch, helpful and friendly. Despite the name, it is for all ages.

    If you're just after a typical Sunday ride there's also an informal group that meets at the Village hotel at 8am every Sunday (M20 J6). If we're heading west we usually go past East/West Malling. We call ourselves Village Cycling but are not in any way affiliated to the hotel, just meet there. I'm sure there's others, new groups are springing up quite often, but these are the ones I'm aware of.
  • ManOfKentManOfKent Posts: 392
    There are a few clubs on the other side of the Downs: Medway Velo (of which I'm a member), Wigmore, VC Elan (based in Gravesend/Dartford), Quick Release (Sittingbourne), Polhill (Medway). All of those (and Southborough Wheelers) are at least as far from West Malling as the Fairies' ride.

    There may be a club based at Larkfield Cycles, a well-regarded shop just around the corner from West Malling. Certainly the guys there should know what's going on locally.
  • Wrath RobWrath Rob Posts: 2,918
    Thanks all. If the move comes of I'll follow up on some of the leads. Good to have the tipoff about Larkfield CYcles too.
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  • motogullmotogull Posts: 325
    Hi Wrath Rob. Welcome to my manor (if you make it).

    I think it must be the Southboro' chaps I see leaving the Velo Cafe in Tunbridge Wells at 8ish on Saturday mornings.

    Edited to add that Wildside in T Wells also do some weekly rides.
  • epo.wksepo.wks Posts: 47
    Wildside run shop organised monthly runs - usually first Sunday of the month. They're always good. Anything in between is probably customer organised.
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