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New Arrival: Lemond Washoe

FransJacquesFransJacques Posts: 2,148
edited September 2014 in Road general
Finally Lemond is putting out some of his own bikes. (The recent Time ones were limited editions). ... ashoe.html

I agree with the article that steel is a funny material to start with, but as a "new" business steel is the good pilot: there are no expensive plugs or moulds to make for a carbon frame and there are several smaller builders who'll readily line up to produce the first shipment. It's a cost-effective taster and way to gauge interest for later carbon models.

And I now finally know what the handsome orange bike was on Eurosport where Greg co-hosted a Tour commentary show with some French dude.

All the best with it.

PS shame on you BR for not breaking this new frame earlier, were you saving it up or something?
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