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Bristol commute route

PresumingEdPresumingEd Posts: 82
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Looks like I might be working out of Bristol for the next 6-12 months, initially staying in Bradley Stoke. Can anyone recommend a decent route to the city centre as I don't really fancy heading down Gloucester Road as it looks a bit grim.

I don't mind adding a few extra miles as I have got used to commuting 13 miles each way



  • msmancuniamsmancunia Posts: 1,457
    No idea about Bristol but EXCELLENT avatar :D

    Redvee should be able to tell you though - he's one of those Brizzle types.
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  • Maybe not the greatest map but concorde way is the route you probably want to take if you're feeling that Gloucester road isn't for you. Just watch the tunnels as you get closer to the centre they are very blind going in and coming out. ... oute_2.pdf
  • redveeredvee Posts: 11,921
    Gloucester Road is OK, plenty of other cyclists use it, probably just as busy as B2B path at rush hour so safety in numbers, it's the idiot cyclists you have to watch out for, not the drivers. Traffic doesn't go fast enough. I can't really comment on the A38 from the college to BS though as I don't ride that way. Concorde Way is easy and flattish both ways despite the elevation difference between the city centre & Lockleaze, another option is to pick up the B2B cycle path and ride to Mangotsfield station and fork left and pick up the ring road to Parkway station then onwards to home in Sadley Broke, as it was known.

    Centre to Parkway via Concorde Way is 5 miles for me, going along the cyclepath and ringroad is 12.5 miles
    Hooch1987 wrote:
    Just watch the tunnels as you get closer to the centre they are very blind going in and coming out.

    What tunnels? Can only think of subway by EP building or St Werburgh tunnel.

    A word of warning about the Concorde Way: The signage isn't brilliant, a local copper coming from the MOD area commented on that and I got lost the first time I tried to ride into Bristol along it, this was 11pm though.
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  • Thanks guys. Should be a great help when I hit Brizzle
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