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Boardman Hybrid Comp worth the extra ?

TaxboyTaxboy Posts: 3
edited September 2014 in Commuting general
I see that the Boardman sport is down to £384. Do people think that the hybrid comp is worth the extra £100 or so. I presuming they both have the same frame ?


  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,748
    From what I can make out, same frame and similar forks, the Sport has lighter V-brakes and although they are great brakes they will always suffer in wet weather compared to discs, although good quality pads would help.

    The Sport will probably be slightly lighter due to the V-brakes offsetting the other slightly heavier components.

    Is the Comp worth the extra, good question, value for money wise, no, but if you are a harder rider and will be riding in the wet (rather than baling into a car or onto public transport) then I'd get the Comp - mostly for the more secure braking.
  • rodgers73rodgers73 Posts: 2,626
    I found the Comp 2nd hand on ebay quite easily. Got a decent bargain too - virtually brand new (not stolen).

    There are so many of them being sold this could be a good solution for you if you dont want to pay that extra £100.
  • Thanks for that second hand may be the way to go
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