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Campag ultra torq BB

Dudders29Dudders29 Posts: 171
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Have got a fulcrum racing torq carbon chain set to fit to my Planet Stealth but am finding it a tad tight to screw in, where as the Shimano that was on before screwed in quite easily. Does this sound right ?
In my numpty ness I had expected the bb to come with bearings but apparently you have to buy them separately !


  • cyclecliniccycleclinic Posts: 6,865
    The bearings are on the chainset axles. push the cranks into the cups secure the DS with that spring clip and then do up the bolt to 40NM it pretty simple really. -wheel building and other stuff.
  • pinarellokidpinarellokid Posts: 1,208
    Yep you do have to buy the bearing separate. But the system works a treat. And in my experience is miles better than other options.
    Specialized S Works SL2 . Campagnolo Record 11spd. rolling on Campag Zonda wheels
  • Thanks for the advice chaps. Should the cups be so tight to screw in though. They go in about halfway at which point I have to use the tool to get it home. Seems tight compared to an ultegra bb which I can get screwed virtually all by hand ?
  • You need to be really careful no to cross thread them when screwing in, as it doesn't sound right them being so tight when screwing in. If you take them out does the ultegra still screw in easily.

    May need to clean out the threads and give em a good spray with wd40 or something similar
    Specialized S Works SL2 . Campagnolo Record 11spd. rolling on Campag Zonda wheels
  • Yeah, the Shimano goes in fine after so I'm pretty sure I haven't cross threaded
  • it may be the thread compound on the new cups (looks like matt blue paint on the threads). Mine were stiff when I first installed.
  • +1 to thread locking compound. I don't like the stuff because as you've discovered, it can make it feel like you're buggering the thread when you aren't.
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