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changing cassette

mekkhombremekkhombre Posts: 19
edited August 2014 in Workshop
can I change my tiagra 10 speed 11-25 cassette to 105 10 speed 11-28 without changing anything else


  • Almost certainly, yes.
    That isn't a big change in the range that your rear mech has to deal with, and most derailleurs nowadays can accommodate up to 30t as standard. You *might* have to adjust the tension on the derailleur that holds the first jockey wheel close to the sprocket on the cassette, but even that's unlikely. If you are really unlucky you might need to put a couple of links in your chain as well to take the largest sprocket and largest chaining together, but again probably not.
  • Thanks. No need for a new chain then. Mine has about 1000 kms on it.
  • davem399davem399 Posts: 269
    I think you will need the 1mm spacer behind the 105 cassette, whereas I understand that the Tiagra cassette has protrusions behind the largest sprocket which act as the spacer.
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