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jp242jp242 Posts: 7
edited August 2014 in MTB general
Can anyone recommend an MTB clothing brand that makes riding shorts for men who don't have the waistline of a 12 year old? I've only been riding a couple of years now and for me it seems that finding a pair of shorts that fit well is like finding the holy grail!

I've bought loads of pairs in XL and XXL and even those sizes seem to come up very small. I tried an XL pair the other day and my thighs could barely fit through! I do have a pair of Humvees which are great but i'd like to buy some more in colours other than black.

I'm not a lardy censored either, but am a 6'4", broad and quite muscular 41 year old ex rugby player. In trousers/jeans my waist size can be 36-40" depending on brand, but it seems to me that MTB clothing has it's own sizing scheme.

Any advice on brands, online retail sources etc would be appreciated. Thanks


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