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Any deals for bike lights out there?

tangled_metaltangled_metal Posts: 4,032
edited August 2014 in Commuting general
I'm getting close to that time of year where lights would be needed. I've NEVER commuted in the dark (well one ride home with cheapo lights when young) and only have the "be seen" lights from Cateye.

I ride along country A road which is reasonably safe road with lights along most but not all of it. I then get into a small city street which is one of the secondary roads into town (local traffic or those avoiding the M6 section). After that it is a side street and over a mixed use foot/cycle bridge over the river and along a quiet road leading to industrial estates and some housing/construction sites. This last bit can be made in a partly away from road mixed use path if needed but is mostly not lit.

I am borderline between needing the "be seen" and the "see by" light categories so not sure what to get. I need a really GOOD bargain as need to save my pennies hence the request here. I'm guessing I could use my existing lights as the backup and get a better, rechargeable set as main. Then in the future get some nice looking Knogg lights as a lighter and more compact backup. I think I'd like to spend less than £65 for the full set if I can get something suitable at that price. If not I guess I will spend more (and eat Tesco budget brand bread and baked beans for a ferw weeks to afford it - joking. It would mean cutting out the very few bottles of good beer I drink a week which is seriously dedicated sacrifice to commuting for me).

What would you recommend? Are there really good bargains out there that might suit me? Please feel free to post any bargains here too.


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