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Upgrade from triple to double chainring

calumarthurcalumarthur Posts: 2
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I am after some advice. I have a 2010 Giant Defy 3.5 which has a Shimano Sora Triple Chainring, I am wanting to upgrade this to a double ? Tiagra but am aware that this will result in haveing to upgrade the shifters too.

I have been looking around at Tiagra sets and can only find 10 speed.

My question is will the Tiagra 10 speed fit on my Giant frame, I understand that I will need completely new chainset.

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  • declan1declan1 Posts: 2,470
    The Tiagra chainset will fit, and shouldn't be an issue regarding compatibility with 8/9 speed. You might be able to just set the outer limit on your front derailleur to prevent it from shifting further than the big ring, saving you from buying a new shifter and derailleur.

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  • Going the whole hog and upgrading to 10 speed is probably going to be expensive. Chainset-rear deraileur-cassette-gear levers might all need changing.
    I agree with Declan. You should be able to set the limits on your triple changer and it will still work. I did this on a friends bike with no problems.
    If you have problems you could just upgrade the LH lever, it wouldn't matter if it's a 8/9/10 speed lever as the front changes the same in all of them. Alternatively Microshift still supply 8 & 9 speed shifters that are compatible with Shimano. You can buy them from Winstanleys or ebay.
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