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Female riders are you on female bikes?



  • TinyMacTinyMac Posts: 19
    I have been reading this post with interest as a new lady rider!

    I am 5ft3 but have very long arms, after testing various bikes I have finally settled on a Trek Lexa SL 2015 which should be arriving Wednesday (yay!) in a 52cm frame.

    I was however very frustrated going round various shops and finding for the same £800 my bike was costing me (carbon forks/tiagra) my partner could purchase himself a full carbon bike with 105 and had an enormous range to choose from. My choice was basically between the Trek, the Giant Avail 2 and the Specialized Dolce Elite. Neither of the other two fit as well so it had to be the Trek - thankfully it's a relatively tame colour scheme - I don't know where bike designers got the idea all women want flowers and pink bar tape, of all the riders I know none of them are that 'girly'!
  • at2014at2014 Posts: 5
    my wife is absolutely not a woman bike.... she has my length so overall so didn't need it and doesn't like the flowering on road bikes either. :)
  • HJ1976HJ1976 Posts: 205
    I sat on lots of 'female' specific bikes when I got my current road bike - and was advised to get a 'unisex/male' bike due to my geometry :)
  • Everybody tends to be different, however I don't really like the geometry of womens road bikes or mountain bikes, best thing to do is to get a bike fit to be sure :)
  • hannahkhannahk Posts: 19
    I've just bought myself a Trek Silque after a year of being uncomfortable on my current bike. Had a fantastic experience at Velocity Bikes in Cosham, Portsmouth if anyone down south is looking for advice. Now I just have to wait for it all to be built for me and shipped from America. :)
  • EstonaEstona Posts: 1
    edited August 2017
    I like to ride my bikes through the mountains and take lots of photos. Travel is always fun. This is our health - cycling.
  • I'll have to say, even if women's bike choice is slimmer than men's in the in the US it is worse.

    I am so jealous of all the places available to buy in Europe and some of the prices as well. I know you get hit with VAT after, but still.

    I'm looking for my wife and the selection isn't great at all. The local shop with Giants, didn't see a single Liv in stock for her to try.

    Then there's a lot of "not available in the US" configurations that means we have to buy a more expensive model of the same thing.

    My exact Giant Propel in the US cost me $1800 on a big sale, without the carbon aero wheels. Same exact bike in the UK was like $1500 WITH the carbon aero wheels.
  • fat daddyfat daddy Posts: 2,632
    My wife rides a unisex Santacruz mtb and a women's spec geometry "hybrid"

    It all comes down to the standover height for her. With mtbs there are generally loads with a low one, but with road frames the best are the women's geo .... just a shame the specs and range are poor on the majority of woman's bro bikes
  • JaymeJayme Posts: 48
    I have one female specific bike and one unisex bike. Both are road bikes, but the female specific is more of an endurance bike and the unisex bike is more of a race bike. Both are equally comfortable. The unisex bike is a slightly smaller frame, so has a slightly longer stem, both have the same width handlebars. My preferred bike is the unisex bike, but it is higher spec.
  • dc5rndc5rn Posts: 4
    My wife rides a '17 Roubaix Comp Carbon in a 56. She's 5''10" and seems to fit better on a male bike. Too bad she's taller, I can't even ride her new bike :(
  • PittersPitters Posts: 12
    Yes -I’m shorty just under 5ft and have a liv bike which fits me perfectly. It’s an extra small frame .
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